Darth Vader's helmetThe Star Wars™ trilogy is the most successful film series in motion picture history. Combining a timeless story of good versus evil with a compelling cast of characters and groundbreaking effects. Star Wars™ has become a modern day myth and a pop culture phenomenon. This is the reason I have chosen to dedicate a page of  my personal website (that's me Rob Davis) to it.

Darth Maul's helmetSo, as a child all I wanted was the next Star Wars™ action figure. The kid in the image below WAS me, I probably even had the mustard turtle neck and haircut too. Anyway, I obsessively collected them, I meticulously displayed them. I was also really smart and got one to play with and one to keep, so I have all the original figures from the first three (Episodes III, IV and V) movies with the weapons. Cha Ching!

Little Robbie the Star Wars Fan

Boba Fett's helmetI have a few resources on this site that were originally just meant for my use but since I have them, enjoy. I have some Star Wars images you can download. I have a few Star Wars sound files on this site, but I have many, many more at my Star Wars Sound Archive. Oh, and like the big geek I am I scanned in a photo of my tickets to Episode I.

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