Star Wars™ Sound Files

This is a VERY small collection of Star Wars wav files. My complete collection has been moved the the Star Wars page at The Sound Archive.

  01  | Star Wars Main Theme - Midi format (15k)
  02  | Darth Vader #1 "You should not have come back." (46k)
  03  | Darth Vader #2 Vader Breathing (102k)
  04  | Darth Vader #3 "Yes, My master." (30k)
  05  | Darth Vader #4 "What is thy bidding my master?" (54k)
  06  | Luke Skywalker "Don't do that." (24k)
  07  | Darth Sidious Sidious to Darth Maul (206k)
  08  | "Rise Lord Vader" (114k)
  09  | "Learn to know the dark side" (37k)
  10  | Yoda laughing (20k)

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