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My favorite things.

Besides the obvious, my family and my friends, here are some of the things I love.

  The best stuff I love
  Dogs (Bruno)
  North Carolina Tar Heels (My own fan site, love me some Tar Heels!)
  Star Wars (Yep, it's my own fan site.)
  Greenville, South Carolina (where I live + work + play)
  Non-profits I support
  Best Friends Animal Society
  Dogs for Autism
  Jimmy V Foundation
  Art + Education.
  Movies (funny, gory, scary, just about any of them)
  Theater (local, broadway, whatever)
  Art (ancient, modern, abstract, reductive minimialism)
  Food + Drink
  Wine (mostly red, but I'll try anything)
  Gourmet Cooking & Restaurants (I also have a food blog)
  Good Bourbon (Old Rip VanWinkle, George T. Stagg, Blanton's, Woodford, and the like)
  Techie Stuff + Work
  Web Design and Development
  Technology (computers, smartphones, anything digital)

  Other random stuff I like
  Famous and thought provoking quotes