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Schedule Download Instructions

Below are instructions on downloading and installing the UNC Tar Heels basketball and football schedules into Microsoft Outlook. Please read the instructions carefully. Since I have been creating these files to easily add my favorite Tarheels teams schedules into Outlook for my self, I thought I would go ahead and provide them for all the other Carolina Tar Heel fans. ENJOY!

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NOTE: If the actual times for games are not yet available, 1pm is the default for football and 7pm is default for basketball. All times are eastern. Files can be edited in MS Excel.

If you use Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003, you can download and install the schedules into your own calendar! Since the file you download is a common format (CSV) you may be able to import this into other calendar applications.

You can download and install into your calendar any of the schedules to the right.  To download the file, right-click on the one of the schedules and choose Save Target As... or Save to Disk.

After downloading the file, open Outlook and follow these directions for importing it into your calendar:

  • Select the File / Import and Export... menu option.
  • Select "Import from another program or file" and click Next.
  • Select "Comma Separated Values (Windows)" and click Next.
  • Find the desired CSV file (calendarname.csv) and select "Do not import duplicate items" and click Next.
  • Select Calendar and click Next.
  • The next window will have a title that says 'The following actions will be performed:' above an option to 'Import "calendarname.csv" into folder: Calendar.'
  • Check that box and and click on 'Import "calendarname.CSV" into folder: Calendar'

For some users, the following steps can be avoided.  However, if the fields do not match up, go to the section labeled 'Additional Setup.'.

  • ADDITIONAL SETUP (may not be necessary for all users)
    From there, click and drag needed fields from the left window into the right window. Its fairly self-explanatory, but the basic corresponding fields are below:
    SUBJECT to Subject
    START_DATE to Start Date
    START_TIME to Start Time
    END_TIME to End Time
    DESCRIPTION to Description
    LOCATION to Location
    SHOW TIME AS to Show time as
    ALL DAY EVENT to All Day Event
  • Click OK
  • Then Click Finish

All events for the selected calendar should now be added to your Outlook Calendar. 

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